Folding blisters & folding packaging

Folding blisters, the perfect unit packaging with a completely free view of the product. Insert product, blister blister, finished.

Folding packaging are visual packaging, mostly made of clear plastic films, which are deep-drawn in a thermal process. Folding blisters are visually very appealing and can also be closed without sealing process by folding with “clicking mechanisms”. One distinguishes between welding packaging (Siegelblister), clamping packaging (slide blister) and folding packaging (folding blister).

Folding blister stacked

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In addition to the folding blister, there are still other types of deep-drawn articles in our portfolio, which we can produce according to your individual wishes. These include ESD tray’s and plastic trays, plastic inlays and div. Other workpiece carriers. We help you to solve your packaging problem.