Automotive Trays

Trays for the automotive industry are usually very special requirements. Whether special centering storns or grip wells for a robot suppression removal, depending on the requirement must be thought of everything.

Designed with a 180 ° coil stacking, we are able to ship the empty trays to save space-saving. Only by turning the tray by 180 ° unfolds the stack function. Thus, unnecessary freight forwarding costs and storage capacity can be saved. This brings particularly with larger quantities a huge advantage.

Our trays are provided with material identification so as to improve the recycling paths, depending on the field of application and requirement, the trays can be clearly or colored.

Automotive trays 500 x 400

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In addition to automotive trays, there are other types such as transparent packaging in our portfolio, which we can produce according to your individual wishes. These include sealing blisters and blister hoods, slide blisters and RF blisters. We help you to solve your packaging problem.