Paper fiber

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What is actually fiber effusion

In the future, it will be becoming increasingly important to use a safe, environmentally friendly and inexpensive transport option. We at Scafa Paperform therefore rely on fiber effusions, fiber effusion inlays, fiber effusion cushions, etc.

Fasis effusion is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, which can be made from waste paper, renewable fiber or similar pulp material. The material fiber effusion can be recycled 100 %, is 100 % recyclable and/or 100 % compostable. In addition, it is much more environmentally friendly than plastic trays and leaves a smaller CO2 impression.

Paper fiber

Individual fiber effusion parts

Made of waste paper, pulp or color -coordinated.

Fashing trays


A fiber effusion is not only an optimal transport packaging, but is primarily used to protect the goods on the transport route. In addition, a fiber form tray makes it easier to order the goods and thus also counts, such as in the case of an inventory.


fiber effusion inlay

Fiber effusion inlay

The right lid for each pot. Ddaher are individually tailored to your product and the associated outer packaging so that everything really sits in the packaging.

fiber effusion

Fiber effusion

Our fiber shape cushions are not only sustainable but protect your product from shock and transport damage. Unlike styrofoam, the complete packaging can be disposed of in the paper ton. This is not only sustainable but also protects our environment.

Advantages of a fiber effusion packaging

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In addition to blister hoods, there are other types of deep -pull articles in our portfolio, which we make according to your individual wishes. These include ESD trays and plastic trays, plastic inlays and Div. Other workpiece carriers. We help you to solve your packaging problem.