Individual trays for your tray server

Trays designed for Trayserver usually have very special requirements. The AB and Stacking, as well as the filling of the trays must expire without error. This is usually achieved by negatively designed trays. In a negatively designed tray, the nest form remains unchanged even with material fluctuations.

Thus, we can guarantee a high and consistent accuracy.

Through our specially designed flap tools, we can also realize deep undercuts and release the tray fractable from the tool.

We develop the perfect trays for your tray servers from Scafa Thermoforming with lots of expertise. Because we know that safe and customized packaging from automated logistics are indispensable – and know each other in this area well

Trayserver-Trays 500 x 400

Are you looking for an individual solution for your tray servers?

Extensive assortment of deep drawing items

Innovative visual packaging for your product


In addition to plastic trays (workpiece carrier), there are other types such as transparent packaging in our portfolio, which we manufacture according to your individual needs. These include sealing blisters and blister hoods, slide blisters and RF blisters. We help you to solve your packaging problem.