Disposable trays (one-way packaging)

One distinguishes between disposable trays and reusable trays, the basic difference is the material thickness. A reusable tray serves as a pendulum packaging, which is usually shipped back to the supplier after filling. Thus, a closed circuit forms.

Disposable trays are usually designed thin-walled in return in order to achieve the lowest possible material consumption. Disposable trays are ideally suited for wide transport routes, as well as overseas transports and air freight, as they do not have to go back to the sender as the pendulum packaging.

Our disposable trays are provided with material identification so as to improve the recycling paths, depending on the field of application and request, one-way trays can be clearly or colored. We use only recycled material, which we process in our in-house mills.

Disposable packaging also available in PLA (biodegradable)

Disposable tray blister packaging

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In addition to trays (workpiece carrier), there are other types such as transparent packaging in our portfolio, which we manufacture according to your individual wishes. These include sealing blisters and blister hoods, slide blisters and RF blisters. We help you to solve your packaging problem.