Plastic trays & workpiece carrier

Better store, protect and arrange.

A plastic tray is not only an optimal packaging, but mainly serves the reliable product protection on the transport route. In addition, the plastic tray facilitates the organization of the goods and thus also counting – for example in the case of an inventory.

We develop the perfect plastic tray for your individual goods from Scafa Thermoforming with a lot of expertise.

Because we know that the art office tray from automated logistics is indispensable – and know each other well in this area. Whether plastic tray or blister packaging, Scafa Thermoforming is your experienced contact person when it comes to tailor-made packaging solutions.


Individual plastic trays, workpiece carriers and inlays.

They give the direction, we design the design

ESD tray

ESD tray

Sensitive electronics needs the best possible protection. The use of electrically conductive materials prevents electronic and end loads from causing the tray.


Plastic inlay

Our inlays plastic deposits are individually tailored to your product and the associated outer packaging so that everything really is in the packaging.

PlasticTray_PS blister packaging

Plastic tray

A tray is not only an optimal transport packaging, but mainly serves the reliable product protection on the transport route. In addition, it facilitates the organization of the goods.


Workpiece carrier

Our plastic workpiece carriers ensure reliable workpiece transport. As a system provider, we provide our customers tailor-made products

Werkstueckstraeger plastic tray

Workpiece carrier for heavy components

Put the handling of heavy components
We are safe through high material thicknesses on the workpiece carrier. In addition, the Twin-Sheet may provide method for extreme stiffness.

Twin Sheet Plastic Tray

Twin-Sheet procedure

In the Twin Sheet method, two parts are deep-drawn by vacuum molding and then glued together. By connecting the two components, the stability is increased.

Disposable Rays Mercedes Benz 500x350

One-way trays

Our disposable trays are provided with material identification so as to improve the recycling paths.


Multi-way trays

MultiAngestrays (pendulum packaging) are usually very well stackable and ensures a secure transport of your products.

Trayserver-Trays 500 x 400

Trays for your tray server

Specially designed on your tray servers trays. So that the automatic assembly as well as upgrade and stacking takes place without error.



Our ABS trays resistant to oils and alkalis. Also suitable for laundry roads.

Automotive trays 500 x 400

Automotive trays

Automotive trays are usually very well stackable and ensures safe transport of your products.

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In addition to plastic trays (workpiece carrier), there are other types such as transparent packaging in our portfolio, which we manufacture according to your individual needs. These include sealing blisters and blister hoods, slide blisters and RF blisters. We help you to solve your packaging problem.