Blister packaging

Products clearly visible and packed true to shape

Scafa Thermoforming from germany provides you with high-quality blister packaging, such as folding blisters, sealed blisters and much more.

The advantage of the innovative thin-walled visual packaging called blister packaging is obvious: the transparent blister packaging presents the contents, i.e. the product, clearly visible from all sides. In addition, they can be adapted to the contours of any product. We at Scafa will be happy to discuss the development of such blister packaging with you in person: you present your product to us and we take care of the professional packaging – without any outsourcing.



Individual blister packs

Also possible from biodegradable plastics


Blister Caps

Deep-drawn plastic hoods are usually made of clear plastics. These can be used for packaging, but can also be produced for technical applications.



An HF blister consists of a blister cover and a backside which are connected by means of high frequency or a thermal sealing process.

klappbliste einzel


The perfect individual single-material packaging with a completely clear view of your product. Insert the product, fold up the blister and you’re done.


Sliding Blister

The sliding blister packaging is a visual packaging for uncomplicated handling. Informative and effective.

Siegelblister einzel

Seal Blister

Seal blisters are used when a plastic hood is sealed against a blister card after filling.

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Advantages of blister packaging

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Extensive range of thermoformed articles

Innovative product protection for your product

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In addition to blister hoods, our portfolio also includes other types of thermoformed articles, which we manufacture according to your individual wishes. These include ESD trays and plastic trays, plastic inlays and various other workpiece carriers. We help you to solve your packaging problem.