Workpiece carrier

Thermo-molded workpiece carrier and plastic trays are used for the perfect absorption of components and are the basic requirement for automated handling on modern production lines. At the same time, arrange and protect the components during further processing and storage. As a charging unit, our workpiece carriers also provide efficient transport logistics.

In our plastic workpiece carriers, products can not only be transported, but also stored intermediate and provided for further processing. They are excellently suitable for automated manufacturing processes and can be used in a wide variety of production levels.

The workpiece carrier made of plastic is as desired and a cost-effective alternative to other packaging systems.

Our workpiece carriers are very well stackable and ensure a secure transport of their components. Plastic trays are indispensable in automated logistics, especially for large quantities, stacking or assistance with the inventory.


You are looking for an individual workpiece carrier?

Innovative workpiece carrier for your product

Plastic trays also possible in the twin-sheet procedure

Twin Sheet Plastic Tray

In addition to workpiece carrier made of plastic, there are other types e.g. Trays in the Twin-Sheet procedure, which we manufacture according to your individual wishes. But also sealing blisters and blister hoods as well as ESD trays and ABS trays and much more. We help you to solve your packaging problem.