Blister packaging

Products clearly visible and contoured

SCAFA Thermoforming from Sundresses in Sauerland provides quality blister packaging, such as folding blisters, Siegelblister and much more.

The advantage of innovative thin-walled visible packaging named blister packaging is obvious: The clear signs of blister packaging present the content, ie the product, from all sides clearly visible. In addition, they can be adapted contour to each product. For the development of such a blister packing, we are also available from Scafa in personal conversation: They introduce us to their product and we take over the professional packaging of the same – without outsourcing. goes.


Individual blister packaging

Also possible from biodegradable plastics


Blister hood

Deep-drawn plastic hoods are usually made of clear plastics. These can serve the packaging, but also produced for technical applications.


HF blister of solid plastic

An RF blister consists of a blister hood and a back side which are connected by means of high frequency or a thermal sealing method.

klappbliste einzel

Folding blister

The perfect individual anti-packaging with a completely free view of your product. Insert product, blister blister, finished.

Plastic display

Plastic display

Deep-drawn plastic displays are ideal for positioning their articles. Our displays can be designed in different colors, as well as material thicknesses.

Flocked inlays

Flocked inlays

Our flocked inlays consist mainly of foam and serve that their product is protected in the best way, as well as being presented.



The perfect individual anti-packaging with a completely free view of your product. Load product, blister blister, blister, finish.



The slide blister packaging is a visual packaging for fast, uncomplicated handling. Informative, advertising, safe.

Siegelblister einzel

Sealing blister

Seal blisters are called when a plastic hood is sealed against a blister card after filling.

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Extensive assortment of deep drawing items

Innovative product protection for your product


In addition to blister hoods, there are other types of deep-drawn articles in our portfolio, which we manufacture according to your individual needs. These include ESD tray’s and plastic trays, plastic inlays and div. Other workpiece carriers. We help you to solve your packaging problem.