Paper tray

Thanks to our special cold forming technology, we managed to get paper trays in shape.

As the first manufacturer in Germany, we can offer you paper trays made of 100% paper for food and non-food area.

Our paper trays are ideal for disposable products but also as paper inlays for different applications. The production of french fries, salads or simple paper blisters is now also possible through our special processing from 100% paper.

In the future, it will be becoming increasingly important to use a safe, environmentally friendly and inexpensive packaging alternative. We at Scafa Thermoforming GmbH therefore rely on paper.

In contrast to the fiber effusion, the tool costs for paper trays are significantly lower.

Papiertray- Papierblister-Papierinlay

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Extensive range of deep -drawing articles

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In addition to paper blister hoods, there are other types of deep -drawing items in our portfolio, which we make according to your individual wishes. These include ESD trays and plastic trays, plastic inlays and Div. Other workpiece carriers. We help you to solve your packaging problem.